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The patent data base contains about 4,000 patent applications for variable valve timing. All patent categories of interest since such patent applications first began top appear in or about the year 1870 have been examined and those concerning variable valve timing have been recorded.

The data base therefore contains all relevant DE, EP, US and PCT applications and those from many other European countries. Every effort has been made to cover all these sources without exception. The aim is to make all applications available as .pdf-format files and to offer various services using the contents of the data base as a starting point.

Specimen data sets:

DE_19529277 (PDF-Format)

DE_19914156 (PDF-Format)

EP_00761936 (PDF-Format)

US_05671706 (PDF-Format)

US_05495831 (PDF-Format)

US_05797361 (PDF-Format)