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Palivaventi is the name given to an EDP-aided

Patent- and
literature data base for
valve timing systems.

  No other measures exert such an influence on future engine design ratings as the ability to vary the valve timing while the engine is in operation. Such is the volume and variety of variable valve timing systems that a comprehensive central data base is needed to make an overview possible and for consultation in the course of research work.
  The development engineer or patent agent is often faced with the question as to whether a new idea is in fact already known, or wishes to confirm the potential for protecting a new invention. In order to provide a more satisfactory answer to such questions, some 4,000 patents and about 1,000 other publications on the subject of variable valve timing have been collected together in a central EDP-aided data base. All the entries are classified according to the nature of the variable valve timing principle. This material provides potential for a range of services aimed at answering questions and solving problems in the field of variable valve timing.

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